SecuCARE: Service Center Solutions

Human assistance in safety care has gradually been replaced by today's IoT devices. Multiple devices are combined with the system to create comprehensive safety care for the elderly using AI technology. During the recent pandemic "zero contact" has become a trend to reduce the risk of infection. Most medical-related institutions are installing zero-contact smart technology devices to improve environmental quality and safety management.

Real-time monitoring and improving indoor air quality
Digital and automatic check-in data to optimize manpower
AI biometrics access control with body temperature detection for safety management
Non-wearable fall or bed exit detection for immediate rescue

A full range of applications, perfect smart solutions

With the following five solutions, your enterprise can introduce zero-touch smart technology, and optimize manpower on the front line. The solutions use multiple devices such as AI biometric cameras, automatic check-in system, and body temperature measurement system, as well as applications for fall detection, indoor air quality, and the environment to improve the safety and quality of the care center.

Automatic Check-In Solution Seniors Activity Management Solution Access Control Management Solution Fall Detection/Bed Exit Detection Solution Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Why choose Delta? Find out how SecuCARE helps corporate operations teams

Beitou Qiyan Elderly Service Center

Delta provided a solution that meets management, caregiver, and senior requirements for managing an elderly service center, while offering a safe, healthy, and digital management system for the smart care environment.